Research Opportunities in Scotland

We have three potential research opportunities available at Stirling, or in collaboration with other institutions:

1. We have a fully-funded MSc by research studentship available jointly between Stirling and ERI-Thurso. The student will work on a Carnegie Trust-funded project looking at peatland C accumulation in peatlands in northern Scotland using tephra layers. We are looking for a talented final-year undergrad or taught MSc student, with previous experience in peatlands or geochronology a plus. Further details here:

2. Also starting this autumn we have an opening for a soil ecology apprentice to work on testate amoebae as restoration indicators in Scottish peatlands. The apprenticeship is funded by TCV Scotland and is open to people of all ages, including those with non-traditional backgrounds. Further details here:

3. Finally, myself and Lucy Sheppard at CEH Edinburgh are looking for somebody to work on testate amoebae and nitrogen deposition at the Whim Moss experiment. For people from outside the UK funding may be available through the expeer project and we have a proposal written for this purpose- we are hoping that somebody may be interested in coming to work on this project for a short research stay of maybe six weeks. The scheme is open to people at all career stages but might particularly suit a recent PhD graduate.

If you are interested please get in touch.

PS it’s nothing to do with me but since I’m writing this, I know that Dundee are also advertising for a PhD position in peatland science here: which may also be of interest.




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